Mittal Steel Roman employees continue their strike

Those more than 1,200 employees of Mittal Steel Roman (Neamt County, eastern part of the country), have entered the fourth consecutive day of strike and refuses to resume work till the asked for wage increases are not approved by the unit’s management.

„Petrotub” trade union leader Gheorghe Ciobanu told that a representative of Arcelor Mittal Tubular Corporation is expected to come to audit Mittal Steel Roman.
„The company management asked the workers a four-week respite needed for the examination of their demands, but the staff rejected the proposal. They are decided to continue their strike till the demand on higher wages will be approved”, said „Petrotub” Romania trade union leader.

„We discussed with the trade unions and the employers union and invited them to take part in the Social dialogue commission, but the company management does not wish it. The managers say that the strike is illegal and therefore reject any intervention from outside”, stressed Prefect Mihai Archip.

Mittal Steel Romania Co. employees have staged on Monday morning a spontaneous strike, discontent with too low wages and the lack of dialogue with the firm’s management. According to the unionists, more than 70 percent of the company employees are paid with the minimum wage per economy, despite being qualified workers.
The staff demanded an wage increase, without specifying the percentage for the time being. Currently, 1,213 people are employed by Mittal Steel Roman, three-fold less than in 2004 when Petrotub Co. was privatized. Of the three rolling mills of 6, 16 and 20 inches just the last two continue to operate.

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