Octav Cozmanca is expelled from PSD

The Permanent Bureau of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) organization of Suceava County (north-east of Bucharest) decided, in an extraordinary sitting, to expel Octav Cozmanca from the Party, in compliance with its Statute, after he announced a day before that he had self suspended from the PSD.

Seventeen of the 21 members of the Suceava-based PSD branch’s bureau unanimously voted in favour of the exclusion of the ex-PSD Senator.
The reason for Cozmanca’s self-suspension is an excuse only, because according to the PSD Statute, in case of self-suspension, it is but the incompatibility of a position with the Party’s membership or the legal investigation that can be invoked, which is not valid in Cozmanca’s case, Suceava PSD branch’s spokesman Virgil Iordache said.

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Suceava County’s PSD members think that Cozmanca era faded away and PSD evolved into a new stage, which needs no ‘good father’ any longer.
Iordache described the former PSD Senator’s gesture as a ‘nostalgic and inopportune response,’ and its self-suspension from the Party as a new stage in the Party’s reforming ‘PSD’s return to Octav Cozmanca’s era is out of question.

Former PSD members like Contac, Mischie or Cozmanca failed understanding that PSD switched to a new stage. Even Cozmancas’s leaving is a stage the PSD’s reform,’ Iordache stressed.

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