Orange Code for floods on river Prut till August 9

Hydrologists on Monday extended the flood warnings for the river Prut (eastern Romania) till Monday, August 9, according to a press release issued by the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management.

Thus, over August 2, 4 pm-August 9, 4 pm, considering the quantities of water that flowed from Stanca Costesti and their being propagated downstream, the Orange Code is instituted on the Prut between Prisacani and the Danube in the area of the Counties of Iasi, Vaslui ad Galati (eastern Romania). Hydrologists also maintain the Yellow Code on the stretch between downstream Stanca and Ungheni in the area of the Counties of Botosani (northern Romania) and Iasi (eastern Romania). Moreover, the river Prut is above the flood and attention level because of the passage of the freshets that formed previously at Stanca Costesti.

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