Over 200,000 phone numbers ported, in 2009

Over 200,000 phone numbers were ported by end-2009, 14 months after portability was launched in Romania, read statistical data that the National Administrative and Regulatory Authority for Communication (ANCOM) published on Tuesday.

Most of them, namely 132,644, which is 66 percent of the 201,104 total number of ported numbers were recorded in the mobile telephony, while the fix telephony scored 68,460 ported numbers.
In terms of the ported phone numbers, by Oct 21, 2009, the mobile telephony operators ranked as follows: Cosmote – 47,283, Vodafone – 44,279, Orange – 38,763, RCS& RDS – 1,699 and Telemobil- 620.

According to ANCOM, the largest number of ported numbers, namely 10,609 were registered in Orange network, followed by Cosmote (plus 9,259), Vodafone ( plus 6,626), RCS&RDS (plus 320) and Telemobil (plus 85).
As for the fix phone numbers, 68,460 were ported to the networks of 27 land lines suppliers, with UPC (29,328), RCS&RDS (12,651) and Vodafone (10,345) ranking among the first three, and with Orange (7,664) and Romtelecom (5,755), immediately after.

Compared to the past data, UPC succeeded to attract the highest number of clients (6,746), followed by Orange (3,007), RCS&RDS (2,692), Romtelecom (2,570) and Vodafone (1,498). The service has been available in Romania starting Oct. 21, 2008.

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