Over 65 million euros invested in infrastructure projects in tourism

The Ministry of Tourism (MT) is to give over 65 million euros in funds for the tourist infrastructure projects carried out nationwide in 2009, spokesman for the above-mentioned institution Stefan Lungu told.
"The financing will aim at carrying out some tourist infrastructure projects in mountain areas such as Parang for ski slopes or mountain rescue points. A sum will be invested in the tourist infrastructure of the future resort of Petrosani. The total investments amount to over  65 million euros," said Stefan Lungu.
The budget the Ministry of Tourism will use for promotion amounts to ten million euros, "much lower than the sums given to the other states in the region," according to the representative of the institution mentioned before.
The Ministry will also finance tourist infrastructure projects in the Danube Delta (eastern Romania), namely the  mini-ports  of  Sfantu Gheorghe, Murighiol and Sarichioi as  well as  the arrangement and modernization of the beach at Sulina, added Stefan Lungu. "A large part of the MT financed projects will also be carried out by means of European funds," also said the MT spokesman.
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