Over EUR 4 ml for modernization of Busteni mountain resort

The local government of the Busteni mountain resort, the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT) and the South-Muntenia Regional Development Agency (RDA) on Tuesday signed a EUR 4 ml plus worth of contract for a modernization project called „Busteni, a reborn resort.”

The project has a cultural and a tourism component and is financed under the Regional Operational Program; the investment involves the revamping of the local cultural heritage and the modernization of infrastructure and enhancing the quality of offered tourist services. Under the cultural component of the project, the Bucegi Culture House and the ‘ Last Grenade’ WW I hero monument will be restored, with the works due for completion in 12 months.

The tourism component of the investment consists of the building of an amphitheater, the organization of a permanent nature exhibition in the Bucegi National Park and the botanic reserve, the construction of a tourist information center, the arrangement of a children’s playground, of parks and a public pavilion for musical events, the rehabilitation of the central park, the construction of a multipurpose center intended mainly for sports events, as well as of equipping the Kalinderu ski slope with lighting installation.
The deadline for the completion of these works is 24 months. The funding agreement was signed by MDRT Secretary General George Nastasia, South Muntenia ADR director Mariana Visan and Busteni mayor Emanoil Savin.

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