PM Boc: Gov’t will not bear the costs of rebuilding homes in floodable areas

The Government will not finance the reconstruction of the homes located in floodable areas, Prime Minister Emil Boc said on Tuesday in Botosani. He called on the people and local authorities who want to build homes in floodable areas to assume both the risks and the costs for doing so.

‘One thing should be clear! We will not bear the costs for the reconstruction of homes in floodable areas, that is on riverbeds and other off-limits areas. We will not get involved in those areas. If you want to choose otherwise or if people want to, they should know that they are on their own. Let them no longer hope for support from the Government.

Those areas are off-limits for construction, because what is being built in the day is being destroyed at night,’ Boc warned. The prime minister, who attended a meeting of the Botosani County Emergency Committee, announced that the main priority there is to restore Dorhoi to bring back normalcy there as well.

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