PM Boc: Minimum wage stays at RON 600 and minimum pension at RON 350

The ruling coalition decided on Wednesday that the minimum industrial wage will stay at RON 600 and the social pension will still be RON 350 after the enforcement of the austerity measures proposed by the Government, said Prime Minister Emil Boc.

He explained that no wage will go below RON 600 and no pension will drop below RON 350 a month. At the same time, Boc announced that the guaranteed minimum wage will not be affected, but it will be limited and enforced only for those people that „are really in need.”
„We will remove the abuses made in relation to its enforcement” said Emil Boc, adding that the members of the ruling coalition continue to support the cuts in public expenditures instead of raising rates and taxes.

According Boc, there will not be revenues below RON 125 for a single person, below RON 225 for a family of two, below RON 313 for a family of three, below RON 390 for a family of four, below RON 462 for a family of five. For the families of more than five persons, to the minimum wage of RON 462, RON 32 will be added for each additional member.

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