PM Boc: Out of total 47 social benefits, 35 remain unchanged

Prime Minister Emil Boc said that under the measures provided in the letter of intent to the International Monetary Fund, adopted by the Government on Wednesday, out of a total of 47 social benefits, 35 will not be changed.

‘Out of a total number of 47 social benefits, 35 remain unchanged. However, by the Social Code we will have to reassess all social benefits in Romania. Romania is spending a lot of funds in a non-targeted manner on people in need,’ said Boc. He also talked about the measures to be taken in order to prevent extreme poverty, among these being the preservation of the national minimum wage at 600 lei, the guaranteed minimum social pension at 350 lei and the guaranteed minimum income.

According to the Prime Minister, the austerity measures will not affect the children allowances, students’ and pupils’ scholarships, additional allowances for children, single-parent allowances, those for disabled children’s placement, the monthly incentive for raising a baby, allowances for raising a disabled child, those granted to people with serious, medium and pronounced disability level, food compensations for people with HIV/AIDS and refugee assistance.
The compensations and bonuses granted to war veterans, those given to people who suffered political or ethnical persecutions, the phone subscriptions for war veterans or the allowances for retired people from creators’ unions will not be affected.

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