PM Boc: Romania has zero tolerance towards crime

PM Emil Boc said again, on Wednesday, after a meeting with his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi, that the Romanian authorities have zero tolerance towards crime, stressing that one does not have to give general value to the cases of infringement of the law, at the level of an entire community.

„We have zero tolerance towards crime. Crime has no nationality, and the individual cases cannot and have not to be extended and generalized at the level of the entire community. We have improved very much the cooperation between the two countries to their mutual interest,” Boc said.

The problem of immigration is one of the topics most heatedly discussed in the Italian political world, following several crimes foreigners are accused of, Romanian citizens among them.

The case that prompted a real press campaign against the Romanian immigrants in Italy was that of Romulus Mailat, a Romanian Gypsy, aged 24, accused of having raped and killed an Italian, 47 of age, Giovanna Reggiani, in a suburb of Rome, at the end of October 2007. She was beaten, robbed and abandoned in a ditch close to the camp of the Roma of Tor di Quinto suburb.

Following such crimes, the former Prodi government adopted, at the end of 2007, an emergency ordinance setting harsher criteria for foreign citizens willing to work in Italy. But the decree had to be modified, following the pressure of the European Commission, because, it was said, it violated a European directive about the right to free movement of the citizens of the European Union.

Ever since, several meetings have taken place between Romanian and Italian officials, occasioned in particular, by an increase in the number of crimes authored by Romanian citizens in Italy, which is the most numerous foreign community in the Peninsula.

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