Pogea: Number of expert’s reports and requests to be reduced by 75pc

Number of para-fiscal taxes and tariffs has been reduced by 189 and in the upcoming period the number of requests and expert’s reports, such as land appropriation, the companies’ entry and exit from the market for instance, will be reduced, said on Thursday Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea at the Summit Economic Forum 2009.

‘There are difficulties with the companies’ entry and exit from the market and there’s still a lot of bureaucracy with the property takeover,’ said Pogea. At the end of July 2009, the Government approved a memorandum for the initiation of the second stage of reduction of the number of para-fiscal taxes and tariffs. According to the authorities, many of these taxes and tariffs are only giving headaches to taxpayers, the administration costs being in many cases higher than the revenues brought to the budget.

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