Prices of fruit, cigarettes, energy, gas and train fares grow most in July

The prices of fruit, cigarettes, electric power, gas, water, telephone and railway transport registered the highest growth in July as against the previous month, with a significant influence on the 2.58 percent increase in inflation.

According to the data published by the National Institute of Statistics on Wednesday, the index of consumer prices of food products grew by 1.92 percent from June. The highest growth in prices was with fresh fruit, 7.10 percent, citrus and meridional fruit, 6.44 percent, edible oil, 3.41 percent, and honey, 3.52 percent, whereas the prices of potatoes went down by 5.26 percent and of eggs, by 0.45 percent.

The prices of non-food products grew in July by 3.08 percent on average, the highest rises in prices being with tobacco, cigarettes, 9.47 percent, electric power and gas, 4.20 percent, and fuels, 2.34 percent. The prices of services increased by 2.55 percent from the previous month, more important increases being with the railway transport, 5.54 percent, water, sewerage, sanitation, 5.33 percent, and telephone, 4.57 percent.

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