Public transport workers join public employees’ strike

The public transport workers, both the subway and the surface, will join the strike of the administration and education trade unions on Tuesday, June 1, said Ion Radoi, leader of the Federation of Trade Unions of Transport and Public Services ATU Romania and also the leader of USL Metrou, on Friday told a press conference.

On the other hand, the Secretary of State for Transport and Infrastructure Constantin Dascalu told that he will negotiate with unionist leaders to try to prevent the subway from not functioning on June 1st. „I learned that they wanted to join the strike and I will go now to talk to them and I hope however there will be no strike at the subway,” said Constantin Dascalu.

The leader of the Federation of Trade Unions in Local Public Transportation, Basil Pietrariu, specified that protests will continue until the government will say that the autonomous companies and the national companies will be exempted from „the 25 percent cut in salaries”.
„We are concerned because the government wants to amend the labour legislation related to collective bargaining agreements and the relationship with the employers, added the trade union leader.
The unionists are dissatisfied with the provisions of the Government Decision, according to which the salaries in trade companies and autonomous companies, would be cut by 25 percent.

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