Rector Andrei Marga participates in Magna Charta Observatory meeting

Rector of Babes-Bolyai (UBB) University in Cluj-Napoca (Romania’s center) Andrei Marga is taking part in the meeting of Magna Charta Observatory leading board, organized in Isparta (Turkey) over Feb. 18-21.

The meeting is focused on the examination of programmes related to the promotion of University autonomy and legislative reforms in Eastern European countries and in Central Asia. Professor Andrei Marga is member of the Magna Charta Observatory, designated in March 2009 for a new mandate after the one held over 2004-2009 period.

Magna Charta Universitatum and its leading board, Magna Charta Observatory, were adopted at University of Bologna, in 1988, when the fundamental principles were proclaimed meant to promote the University vocation, as academic autonomy and freedom, moral and scientific independence from any political and economic power, or the inseparable character of the teaching activity from scientific research.

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