Romania should present several candidates for the position of European commissioner

Romania’s presenting a single candidate for the position of European commissioner or aiming a single portfolio is a wrong strategy that can be enhanced by the selection of several candidates, said on Friday European Commissioner for Multilingualism, Leonard Orban.

‘As ľve said it many times before, I don’t think that presenting a single candidate is the best strategy. It is necessary to have several candidates that will ensure that if you cannot obtain the position you’ve wanted most, you might, however obtain a portfolio at least as good or interesting,’ said Commissioner Orban on a visit to Bucharest on the occasion of the release of the results of the Standard Eurobarometer 71 – Public Opinion in the European Union.

Orban contradicted the opinion present in Romania according to which the most important portfolio is the one that manages big funds and he gave the example of the portfolio of Research that runs funds worth several billion euros a year, but is consider uninteresting by others.

On the other hand, the Romanian Commissioner stressed that the fields approached in the future Commission will be restructured at a certain extent so that new portfolios will come up, very important and implicitly, very attractive for prospective candidates.

‘Mr Barroso has announced the setting up of three new portfolios: climatic changes, migration and internal affairs and a portfolio for fundamental rights and justice. I don’t know at which extent Romanians will have the chance to obtain such portfolios, however, there are numerous important portfolios,’ said Leonard Orban.

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