Romania’s per capita wine consumption could grow up to 66 pct, by 2014

Romania wants to reach 37 litres of per capita wine consumption by 2014, meaning a 66 percent growth against the current consumption figure, of 22.3 litres per capita, the executive director of the National Interprofessional Wine Organisation (ONIV), Petre Mocanu, has made an announcement, at the conference „Top Winemakers – Wines and Vineyards of Romania.”

„According to the strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture, the per capita consumption of wine could reach 37.1 litres by 2014 (from 22.3 litres now), that is the level of Spain, currently the 3rd consumer of wine in Europe, after France and Italy,’ said Mocanu. Per capita wine consumption in France is 43 litres. He also specified that Romania at the same time aims at increasing its wine production by 2014, from 5.3 up to 8 million hectolitres.

Also, by 2014, the wine growing regions with appellation of origin, which now represent 10 percent of the total wine growing surface in Romania, are expected to extend by 15,000-30,000 hectares. The production of wine with appellation of origin obtained in 2009 in Romania reached 256,312 hectolitres, while for 2010 it was estimated at 270,000 hectolitres.

The total surface cultivated with such vine varieties for the production of wine grapes is 174,100 hectares, of which 15,493 hectares represented the authorized surface for wines with denomination of origin (DOC), in 2009. Currently, around 400,000 out of the total domestic production of wine of one million hectolitres, 50 percent of which is made from local varieties, go to export.

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