ROMATSA unifies air traffic management system

Romania’s Air Traffic Services Administration ROMATSA has consolidated the air traffic management system of the country by cutting down from five to two its monitoring centers.

In a first stage, the routing business was relocated from five to three centers – the eastern Bacau centre went to the south-eastern Constanta Flight Guidance Centre and the central Cluj sector went to the Bucharest Flight Guidance Centre, and then down to two centers. The sectors covered by the routing centers, namely the sectors in the routing center of Constanta, were redistributed to the Bucharest Flight Guidance Centre.

The Constanta Flight Guidance Centre cut its support staff and is now providing only guidance services in the terminal area. By the end of 2012, ROMATSA should transfer its entire routing business to the Bucharest Centre. ROMATSA is eyeing a 2010 profit of nearly 7 million euros. Most of the company’s money comes from the Government, but the company derives important amounts from air traffic control fees under a budget set up through the Eurocontrol European flight control agency.

ROMATSA’s business in 2009 focused on achieving the requirements included in the legislative package underpinning the Single European Sky. Also in 2009, the company started a Danube FAB project that entails the creation of a functional airspace block between Romania and Bulgaria. The project qualifies for European financial assistance worth 2.51 million euros, for its pre-implementation stages.

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