Senator Olguta Vasilescu: PSD is backing up PNL notifying CCR on cutting public salaries by 25 pct measure being unconstitutional

The Social Democratic Senator (PSD, in opposition) Olguta Lia Vasilescu, spokeswoman of the Social Democratic departments on Wednesday told that the party she represents is going to back up the National Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) notifying the Constitutional Court of Romania (CFR) on the fact that the law on reducing public employees’ salaries by 25 percent is unconstitutional.

„We had 48 hours at our disposal to file our complaint with the CCR referring to the law on slashing 25 percent of the public employee’s salaries. We wanted to announce our intention on Thursday, after the meeting of the PSD departments. Nevertheless, we agreed to sign the complaint filed by the Liberals instead. Eventually, it is not important who assumes paternity for such document, but it is important to get it to court and to be discussed there,” said the PSD Senator.

PNL leader Crin Antonescu on Wednesday announced in the Senate that Liberals were ready to notify the CCR about the law on cutting public employees’ salaries by 25 percent being unconstitutional. Moreover, he made an appeal to all the PSD + PC (Conservative Party) Senators to join the Liberal’s action, with the Liberals needing four more signatures to be able to notify the Court.

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