SIFs profit up 38.2 pct, in December 2009

Financial investment companies (SIFs) profit stood at 608.8 million lei at the end of December 2009, 38.2 percent higher when compared to the similar month of 2008, the Funds Managers Association informs.

According to the quoted source, the cumulated level of SIFs net assets stood, at the end of Dec., at 7.467 billion lei, reflecting a slight increase, of 0.8 percent as against the previous month.

Expressed in the European currency, the net assets level at the end of the reported month stood at 1.76 billion euros, 1.9 percent higher than the one at the end of a month earlier and by 20.9 percent higher than at the end of 2008, interval when leul depreciated by some 6.1 percent. In the aforementioned month the capitalization level per SIFs ensemble stood at 3.2 billion lei, almost 10 percent higher than the previous month. Expressed in euros, capitalization at the end of the respective month stood at 0.75 billion euros.

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