Sinaia to host the 8th National Congress of Ophthalmology, with numerous foriegn guests to participate

Sinaia (central Romania) is going to be the host of the 8th National Congress of Ophthalmology over September 30 – October 3, with numerous guests having announced their participation. The Congress was organized by the Romanian National Society of Ophthalmology (SRO).

There announced their participation more than 1,000 ophthalmologists in Romania, as well as numerous foreign specialists, among whom Prof. Dr. Daniel Baron (France), Prof.Dr. Rado Gabor (Hungary), Prof.Dr. Khaled El-Rakhawy (Egypt), Prof. Dr. Gabor B Scarioth (Germany) and many others, Prof.Dr. Benone Carstocea, the SRO head, told.

There will be presented 100 works at the Congress, held six simultaneous symposiums and also a special session for residents, a session for medical assistants and an exhibition of medical equipment. Moreover, there will be broadcast live surgeries from the Alcor clinic in Bucharest.

In the latest years, there were recorded in Romania numerous progresses in the field of ophthalmology. The main objective of the Romanian specialists in the field was the cataract surgery (with more than 40,000 operations per year beign registered in Romania, while there exist more than 70,000 cases needing to be operated).

With regards to Vitreoretinian surgeries, there are currently 20 specialized doctors in Romania, while there were only 5-6 a few years ago, with new specialized centres opened too, the SRO head underlined. There exist today also very efficient equipment in the field of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and refraction vices.

Among the best hospitals in the field are the Central Military Hospital based in Bucharest, and also other hospitals in Iasi (eastern), Timisoara (western), Targu Mures (central) and military hospitals in Cluj (central-west), Brasov (central) and Sibiu (central). At the same time, the private segment become very important, according to Prof. Carstocea.

Prof. Dr. Benone Carstocea published more than 100 scientific works in Romania and abroad, as single author, co-author or coordinator, and he was also co-author of 23 scientific works and monographs and of 7 inventions and innovations.

Being former chief of the Clinic of Ophthalmology of the Central Military Hospitals in Bucharest Prof. Carstocea co-founded also the Laser Optics Clinic. He is a member of the U.S. Academy of Ophthalmology, a member of the Academy of Science in New York and a member of the European Vitreoretinian Surgery Centre.

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