State guarantee is maintained at 60,000 euros for finished or partly finished dwellings

The state guarantee for the First Home programme is maintained for 2010 at 60,000 euros for the individuals purchasing finished or partly finished dwellings, Premier Emil Boc said on Wednesday, after the Government meeting.

“The ones who will build a new home will receive a 70,000 euro guarantee. If several persons, maximum 7 persons, want to build a house, the guarantee amounts to 75,000 euros,” said Boc. The Government decided to restructure and to extend the First Home programme, by adopting its enactment rules, said Premier Boc on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister announced last week that the Executive was to amend the First Home programme, in the sense of offering state guarantees of up to 70,000-75,000 euros for the individuals that want to build a dwelling starting from scratch, thus aiming to create jobs in the construction field.

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