Teodor Baconschi, in General Affairs and External Relations Councils

Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Baconschi takes part in the meetings of the General Affairs Council (GAC) and the External Relations Council (ERC), organized on Monday, Jan. 25, in Brussels.

General Affairs Council’s agenda includes the presentation and discussion of the programme and priorities of the Spanish European Union Rotating Presidency in the first half of the year. Foreign Ministers are to approach during the External Relations Council current topics on the European agenda, presenting major interest for the Union.

The situation in Afghanistan/Pakistan will be debated in the prospect of preparations for the EU participation in the international conference in London (Jan. 28, 2010), the recent evolutions in Yemen, the internal situation in Somalia, the humanitarian situation in Haiti and coordination of the assistance contributions of the EU member states.
At the same time, recent evolutions in Iran and in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be approached. On the sidelines of the External Relations Council the ministerial meeting EU-OSCE will take place, as well as the EU-Serbia ministerial political dialogues and the EU – Cape Verde Isles ministerial dialogue.

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