VAT increase takes fuel prices higher

Reference fuel prices went up as of Thursday, July 1, following the raise of the VAT from 19 to 24 percent. Thus, Petrom announced that starting Thursday, 0:00 a.m. the reference price for 10 ppm Premium unleaded gas is RON 4.60 per litre; that of unleaded Top Premium 99+ is RON 4.98; OMV Carrera 95 sells for RON 4.74 per litre and OMV Carrera 100 for RON 5.40 per litre.

The reference price for OMV Premium Diesel is RON 5.00 per litre; the litre of OMV Sprint Diesel sells for RON 4.70; the Euro Diesel 5 is priced at RON 4.48 per litre and the Top Euro Diesel 5 at RON 4.66 per litre. Rompetrol too increased the reference price of gas sold in its own stations by rates ranging from 5.18 to 5.81 pct.

Thus, the litre of Efix Euro 95 grew by 25 bani (5.43 pct) more expensive, selling for RON 4.85; the price of the Alto 101 gas went up by 27 bani (5.18 pct) to RON 5.48; the Efix Diesel will cost RON 4.79 per litre – up 26 bani (5.74 pct); and the Alto Diesel 55 sells for RON 5.1 per litre – up 28 bani (5.81 pct). Fuel prices in Rompetrol Downstream stations can vary by +/- 5 pct from the reference prices.

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