Weather warning

The yellow code warning for downpours, electric discharges, important quantities of water issued by the National Meteorological Administration is valid till Sunday, 9 pm, local time.

In Moldavia (eastern Romania) and in the region of the Eastern Carpathians (central Romania) there will be temporary atmospheric instability. There will be downpours, electric discharges, short time intensification of winds and conditions favourbale to hail and the quantities of water will exceed 25 l/sq m locally and 50 l/sq/m in places.
Manifestations specific to atmospheric instability will be obvious in the other regions too, but on less extensive areas.

The red code hydrologic warning on the river Prut (north-eastern Romania), the stretch between Radauti Prut and Acumulurea Stanca Costesti, Botosani County (northern Romania), and the stretch between downstream Stanca and the Danube to go with the Counties of Botosani, Iasi, Vaslui and Galati (all three of them in eastern Romania) is also valid, according to the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management.

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