Clinica de Mari Arși de la Spitalul Județean din Timișoara, inaugurată cu trei boxe


 The Great Archi Clinic from the County Hospital of Timișoara was opened on Wednesday, three years after the completion of the works. So far three out of five speakers are operating.

The Great Archi Clinic from the County Hospital of Timișoara was inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Health, Sorina Pintea.

Pintea said the center can already receive patients, having trained staff.

For his part, the manager of the County Hospital of Timisoara, Marius Craina, said that the speakers can be used as small operating rooms, so that the risk of infections is non-existent.

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For the moment, three boxes out of the five provided are functional, and as the sanitary equipment arrives, the other two will be opened.

Timis County Council invested about 1.5 million euros for the fitting out of salons, and the equipment worth 3.5 million euros was bought by the Ministry of Health.

At the end of 2016, with money from the Timiş County Council, within the Timişoara County Hospital, the works were completed at three of the five wards of the new Gran Arşi Clinic. The salons could not be used since the Ministry of Health did not provide the medical unit with the necessary equipment.


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