6 people died, one is missing and over 1,700 were evacuated because of floods in Botosani County

Six people died and one is missing after the floods in the Botosani County (north-east) on Monday night, according to a preliminary review of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situation (ISU).

Five of the victims were from Dorohoi, with their bodies having been discovered on Tuesday morning in homes that were flooded after the Buhai River waters swallowed the land. The sixth is a man from the Ibanesti village, who was taken by the waters while trying to save an animal. A 15-year old was reported missing in Dorohoi.

Moreover, over 1,700 people from 13 localities were evacuated because of the floods. The local authorities have relocated the people in sports halls and schools.
The road traffic on several national, county and country roads in the affected areas, was interrupted for several hours because of the floods. Given the Code Red alert on the Jijia river on Monday night there were evacuated about 350 people in all localities along the River, downstream of Dorohoi.

Following the emergency situations created, 332 employees from the ‘Nicolae Iorga’ Inspectorate for Emergency Situation in the Botosani County, with 20 special vehicles, four pumps and five boats, 60 policemen, 50 gendarmes, 31 border policemen and 30 employees of the Ministry of National Defense (MAp) came to the rescue and evacuate from homes taken by waters more than 1,700 people.
On Tuesday, at 5.00 p.m., at its entrance in Romania, the Prut River (eastern) measured 692 centimeters, that is 42 centimeters over the alert level. At Radauti Prut, the specialists of the Botosani Water Management System have measured 648 centimeters, that is 48 centimeters over the alert level.

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