Almost 20,000 social benefits files suspended, Labour Minister Seitan says

Labour Minister Mihai Seitan announced that almost 20,000 files on minimal guaranteed income, 6,000 allowances for disabled people and 3,200 infirmity pensions had been suspended, nationwide.

According to Seitan, the results say that after 50 percent of the total number of the files on the minimal guaranteed income had been verified, round 24 percent of them were annulled because the money had been illegally granted. ‘There are entire localities. In 67 localities we suspended all such files, namely almost 10,000. The most representative areas, in the respect, were Bacau, Prahova, Timis and Vaslui,’ Minister Seitan stressed.

As for the allowances paid to the disabled people, 40,000 files were checked out, and over 6,000 of them were suspended, on a possible suspicion of fraud, Seitan added. ‘Namely 15.4 percent. A large number, again. We are to take legal steps as well, let’s say penal ones, in some cases, Minister Seitan pointed out.
Likewise, the verification of 39,000 infirmity files, conducted over the past two weeks, round 3,200 namely almost 10 percent were suspended, Labour Minister informed.

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