Boc: We observe commitments to complete a range of major investment objectives by Dec. 1

The Government will observe its commitments to carry out by December 1, 2009 a range of major investment objectives, said on Tuesday, Premier in office Emil Boc.
‘We observe commitments and by December 1 we’ll complete major investment goals: Baneasa flyover, Ploiesti ring road (south), Cluj ring road (centre-west, 42 km), Timisoara ring road (west), Oradea ring road (west),’ said Emil Boc , adding that in 2010 Sibiu ring road will be completed by June 1, the first segment and by the end of the year, the second segment.

PM Boc said that the 42 kilometres of the Gilau-Campia Turzii segment, of Transylvania motorway (Brasov, centre – Bors, west) are ready 95-97 percent. ‘Transylvania motorway will continue. We’ll not stop after the finalisation of the Gilau¬Campia Turzii segment,’ said Boc.
PM Boc paid a visit on Tuesday, accompanied by Transport Minister, Radu Berceanu, to Transylvania Motorway and the ring road of Cluj-Napoca (centre-west), after having visited Sibiu ring road.

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