Budget surplus reaches 0.3 pct of GDP, in January

The general consolidated budget of Romania in January, 2009, reached a surplus   of 1.644 billion lei, representing 0.3 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which was estimated at 579 billion lei in 2009, according to data released by the Ministry of Public Finances (MFP).
Total revenues  to  the  state  budget totaled 15.052  billion  lei, 2.6  percent of  the  GDP respectively, with expenditures having stood at 13.407 billion lei, that is 2.3 percent of GDP, in January.
The execution of the state budget in the first month of the year ended with a surplus worth 337.9 million lei while the centralized budget of the administrative -territorial units recorded a surplus of 807.1 million lei, the social securities budget a deficit of 408.9 million lei, the unemployment insurance budget a surplus of 1.8 million lei, and the single national fund of health insurance a surplus of 460 million lei.
Collection from the profit tax totaled 3.154 billion lei or 0.5 percent of the GDP, of the wage and income tax – 1.2 billion lei (0.2 percent of the GDP), while the budget revenues, without VAT, stood at 4.295 billion lei (0.7 percent of the GDP), while those from excises stood at 1.193 billion lei (.0.2 percent of the GDP). In January, there were recorded expenditures with personnel standing at 3.657 billion lei (0.6 percent of GDP), with expenditures with goods and services having totaled 1.753 billion lei (0.3 percent of the GDP).
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