Carol Park restoration on Norwegian grants approved by Bucharest municipality

The heritage of the Bucharest ‘Carol’ Park will be restored on Norwegian grants, by the participation of the municipality in a project worth 2 million euros.

City councilors adopted on February 27 a decision approving the participation of the Capital in the project „Conservation and revitalization of the Carol Park natural and cultural heritage” by accessing Norwegian grants. The project will be 100 percent supported from non-reimbursable funding.

According to the expert report of the project, the park’s landscaping and recreational value, as well as the cultural and historical value of the monuments require urgent preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and modernization measures.

Laid out since 1906, on an area of about 45 hectares, the ‘Carol’ Park includes various species of deciduous and coniferous trees, decorative shrubs, roses and lime tree alignments and includes important attractions such as the Roman Arenas, the „Prof. Eng. Dimitrie Leonida” Technical Museum, the Tower of Vlad Tepes, or the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.

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