Chamber of Deputies passes revised statutes of public servants

The Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday cast a final vote on a revised law on the statutes of public servants that had been declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR). The law passede 262 to 0 and no abstention.

In a report on the revision of the statutes of the civil servants, the Judicial Committee repealed all the provisions ruled unconstitutional by the CCR. On April 14, CCR ruled, in a majority ruling, that some provisions in a law amending and supplementing Law 188/1999 concerning the statutes of the civil servants are unconstitutional.
The Chamber of Deputies passed the controversial law on March 2.

Under the law, partisan appointments are allowed for self-regulatory public bodies. The law was voted on in the absence of the MPS of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD), Conservative Party (PC) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) who walked out arguing that the regulations of the chamber were violated. Later on, the PSD and the PNL challenged the normative act with the CCR on grounds that the regulations of the Chamber of Deputies and the Constitution were violated when the law was voted on.

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