Code Yellow advisory of torrential rain, hailstorms issued for western Romania

The weather forecasters on Friday have issued a Code Yellow advisory of torrential rain and hailstorms for the areas in Romania’s western half from Friday afternoon till Saturday evening.

According to the National Meteorology Administration, the atmosphere will grow unstable between Friday, 3 pm and Saturday, 8 pm in the western half of Romania, where there will be showers, thunder, gusts of wind and also hail in certain limited areas. The rains can also become torrential, mostly in Banat and Oltenia, with the rainfall to reach 60-70 litres per square metre.
The National Forecaster also issued a warning for Aug. 6-7 of hot weather in Muntenia, Moldova and Dobrogea (southern, eastern and southeastern Romania), with temperatures to soar to 35 Celsius and even as high as 36-37 Celsius in some spots.

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