Code Yellow for extreme heat valid on Monday, too

The National Administration of Meteorology (ANM) keeps the Code Yellow advisory for extreme heat and thermal discomfort in force, throughout Romania, on Monday as well.

According to the warning posted on the ANM website, the weather will be hot, particularly in the afternoon, in most parts of the country, with the thermal comfort index to exceed the critical threshold of 80 units. The hottest temperatures will be scored especially in the southern and eastern of Muntenia (south), in southern Moldavia (eastern Romania) and in Oltenia (south) as well as in the continental areas of Dobrogea (southeast), where the temperature will go up to 37 – 38 degrees Celsius.
Torrential rains, lightning, strong winds and hail storms will occur in the western half of Romania, and all such phenomena are expected to intensify towards the evening and at night. Contingent of the weather developments ANM will issue meteorological warnings.

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