Council of Europe’s anti-torture Committee report makes Romania recommendations

The Council of Europe’s Committee for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (CPT) on Thursday published a report on its visit to Romania in September/October 2009.

The main objective of the visit was to review the situation of residents and patients at Nucet Medico-Social Centre and at Oradea Hospital for Neurology and Psychiatry, in the light of the recommendations and comments made by the Committee concerning these two establishments in the report on its 2006 visit.
In the report released on Thursday, the CPT recommends Romania to take measures in order to guarantee that at Nucet Centre as well as in all the medico-social institutions in Romania the patients’ deaths occurred in unclear circumstances are signalled the relevant prosecutor and that a post-mortem examination is conducted, to be followed by an inquest, if needed.

As regards Oradea Hospital for Neurology and Psychiatry, the CPT encourages the authorities to continue their efforts for the development of therapeutical and re-insertion activities and to supply the patients more complete and individualised care.
The CPT also recommends that measures be taken in order to guarantee that the patients (or, if they are not capable of discerning, their legal representatives) be effectively able to give their free consent for the treatment.
The CPT, therefore, once again recommends that measures be taken for the hospital in Oradea, Nucet Centre and other medico-social centres and that the psychiatry hospitals in Romania be submitted to the inspection of an independent body.

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