Credit Office: Individuals’ past due payments double in 2009 to over 2pc

The share of past due payments of the total owed by individuals grew from 1% in October 2008 to over 2% in September 2009, said on Tuesday Serban Epure, general manager of the Credit Office at a banking seminar.

‘We have reported a rise of past due payments from 1 percent in October 2008 to 2 percent in September 2009 because of the crisis, whereas the shares of past due payments in lei is higher than the past due payments in euros, however, these ones have a higher growth rate, said Epure.
Epure said that Romania’s level of crediting in lei to individuals is of 45 billion lie, compared to 40 billion lei for loans in foreign currency, at the current exchange rate, whereas at an exchange rate of 3.6 lei for one euro the two have the same level.

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