Dacia, one of best sold cars in Romania in July

Dacia is still the best sold car in Romania, 4,100 new motorcars were registered in July and another more than 6,680 were registered again, according to a statistics supplied by the Registration Directorate, quoted by the specialist gateway auto.ro.

Besides the 4,172 new Dacia motorcars that were registered and the 6,681 that were registered again, another 16 models of the range were brought from abroad and registered.

According to the above-mentioned analysis, the Romanians say that are still interested in Aro and Trabant but, quite surprisingly, also in Barkas, Volga or Wartburg.
The statistics of the Registration Directorate reveal the fact that, in July, 41 Aro motorcars and 6 Trabants were registered.

Also in point of luxury cars, the Romanians have something important to say.
Thus, by mid- 2009, three Ferraris, 77 Mercedes, 11 Porsches, one Maserati, 10 Jaguars, one Cadillac, 81 BMWs, 10 Dodges, 141 Audis and 9 Lexus were registered in Romania.
Last year 38 Cadillac motorcars and 2,446 BMWs were sold in Romania.

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