Daniel Oajdea (PDL) admits that many party members are dissatisfied

Democrat Liberal Party (PDL, at rule) MP Daniel Oajdea said on Wednesday that there are many discontented party members, following the austerity measures proposed by the Government and maintained that he did not know how they would vote the no-confidence motion.

„There is a lot of discontented members, but I do not know the way they are going to vote the censure motion. Do not think that we do not have relatives, friends, who will suffer, if these measures are applied. A lot of party members voiced discontent over the measures to reduce the wages, the low pensions, but I do not know how they will behave during the vote”, said Democrat Liberal MP.

Asked if he is going to vote in favor of the no-confidence motion, he replied that the most important for him, as a deputy, is his honor and especially not to disappoint those who put their trust in his mandate.
The Democrat Liberal reminded that „in principle” he plans to vote in favor of the no-confidence motion the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in opposition) is to table, but the final decision depends on the essence of the anti-governmental approach.

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