Danube rises to one meter above flood alert level in Teleorman

Danube River continued to spill over its banks in Teleorman County (southern Romania), on Tuesday morning, arriving at 644 cm in the port of Turnu Magurele, almost a meter above the danger level (550 cm).

According to data centralized by the Teleorman County Water Management System, specialists working at the other hydrological measurement and control point of the county, located in Zimnicea, the river level reached 685 cm, 75 cm above the flood alert level (610 cm). Both in Turnu Magurele, as well as in Zimnicea, there was recorded a river’s flow of 13,000 cm / s.
There are currently no major issues raised, with the dams that protect the agricultural land and the riparian localities in Teleorman resisting the pressure of the water, at least for now. However, about 3,000 hectares of forest vegetation, between the Danube and the dams, are flooded.

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