Danube River rising downstream Portile de Fier II dam

The Danube River waters downstream the Portile de Fier II dam, located at the river kilometre 863+358 considerably rose due to a flow higher than 12,300 cu.m per sec.
The Danube’s flood quota of 700 centimeters went two centimeters up, at the hydrological station at Gruia, Mehedinti (south-west), while the 600 cm quota rose at 55 cm and 81 cm respectively, at Calafat and Bechet, the local Water Management official Ionita Cruceru told.

According to the same source, some 300 hectares of forest and 550 ha of pastures continue to be affected in villages like Vatra, Pristol, Salcia, Garla Mare and Gogosu, all belonging to the same southwestern Mehedinti county. Hydrologists also forecast that the Danube’s flow will rise to about 11,000 cu.m. per sec, by much above the multi-annual June average of 6,400 cubic m per sec.

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