EIB invests bln.1.473 euros in Romania, in 2009

About 1.9 percent of the record credit volume worth 79.102 euros that the European Investments Bank (EIB) provided last year, went to Romania which benefited from loans totaling 1.473 billion euros, read the annual figures, the EBI supplied for 2009.

The European Investments Bank gave Romania credits worth 4.389 billion euros, over 2005 – 2009, namely about 1.6 percent of the total of 2777.699 billion euros as the Bank gave over the past four years, Bank sources said.

In 2009, the largest loan EIB gave to Romania was that worth 400 million euros taken by Ford to reequip its plant in Craiova (south), whereas the 395 million euro credit lent to Metrorex to build a new subway line, comes the second. The loan worth 200 million euros given to Petrom to have a power plant using natural gas built nearby Ploiesti (60 km north of Bucharest.

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