EU money to train volunteers for Rodnei Mountains National Park

The Administration of the Rodnei Mountains National Park (northern Romania) was granted financing within the Grundtvig Multilateral Cooperation Project – Management of European Volunteers in Parks, in partnership with more seven countries, namely UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland, ant it is due to be implemented over Oct 2010 – Oct 2012, informs a release.

The project is coordinated by the EUROPARC Federation, from Germany, its budget totals 400,000 euros, and is focused on training factors of interests and volunteers to manage Europe’s national and natural parks.
The Administration of the Rodnei Mountains National Park, as a partner in the project will contribute to the organization of international symposiums on the volunteers management, the participants being to attend international training courses, it will edit a good practices volunteering guide, it will promote the international volunteering, sending the local volunteers to other European protected areas, and is to host foreign volunteers.

‘We think the initiative is an important stage in the promotion of the local natural values. throughout Europe, and the increase in the management capacity of the Rodnei Mountains National Park and thus we hope to attract an as large as possible number of volunteers, both from among the youth and the elderly, to activities aimed at the conservation of the diversity of the local flora and wildlife,’ the release reads on.

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