Ex-PDL deputy Daniel Oajdea would like to set up PD again

Ex-deputy of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL – at rule) Daniel Oajdea said that his being expelled from the PDL dishonours the entire central leadership of the Liberal Democrats, and he announced he is seriously thinking of setting up the Democratic Party (PD) again, if the members of the political party where he was excluded from, fail revising their attitude toward the voters.

‘If PDL does not revise its attitude toward the voters, I’m seriously thinking of setting up the former Democratic Party (PD). It matters if the idea gets support among the other members, or not’ said Oajdea, on Monday, in front of the meeting hall of the PDL group of the Chamber of Deputies. ‘The PDL members, above all, (…) and ordinary people,’ said Oajdea when asked who were supposed to back him up in the move of re-founding the former PD.

‘Some PDL members think that the Government should resign and that through its actions, the Government went much astray from what it was expected to do,’ said Oajdea. He reiterated he would remain an independent deputy, affiliated to no party. ‘I won’t join another party. PNL (the National Liberal Party) announced it would dismiss the deputies who do not come and vote the motion of no-confidence, and so did PSD (the Social Democratic Party). I cannot leave a party that dismisses me because I express my opinion, for another party that does the same.’ Deputy Oajdea concluded.

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