Expenditures for definitive closure of mines amount to RON 414 million

The expenditures for the definitive closure of the mines that are part of the assets of national mining companies amount to RON 414.26 million (nearly 98 million euros), according to a draft Government resolution on the approval of definitive closure and post-closure monitoring of the environment of mines and pits.

The preservation, definitive closure, greening up and monitoring of mines will regard the facilities owned by the Compania Nationala a Uraniului SA Bucharest national uranium company; the Societatea Nationala a Lignitului Oltenia SATargu Jiu national lignite company; the Compania Nationala a Metalelor Pretioase Remin SA Baia Mare national precious metals company; the Compania Nationala a Cuprului, Aurului si Fierului Minvest Deva national copper, gold and iron company; the Formin SA Caransebes, Minbucovina SA Vatra Dornei, and the Societatea Nationala a Carbunelui SA national coal corporation of Ploiesti.

The authorities approved the closure of 512 mining facilities (mines, pits, parts of mines, salt mines, derricks, treatment plants), under 10 Government resolutions issued 1998 – 2007. Out of the total number of 512 mining facilities, 133 are fully taken over; 169 are scheduled for takeover when the works are over, while 26 have started closure and greening-up works and the remaining mining facilities are not affected. After 2007, as part of the process of mining restructuring, in the case of some licence holders, the need for definitive closure of 4 other inefficient and no-prospect mines was noted.

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