Fire breaks out at Giulesti Maternity of Bucharest

A raging fire broke out on Monday, around 19:00hrs, local, at the Giulesti Maternity of Bucharest. According to first on-site information, the fire was started by a blast at the resuscitation ward of the hospital. The fire brigade started evacuating the children to safety. ‘We were reported that an explosion took place at the Giulesti Maternity.

The fire brigade that arrived at the scene saw a lot of smoke coming out from the second floor. They got there and found an open fire burning over 20-30 square metres. The children and medical staff are now being evacuated to safety. There are 10 fire fighting cars there equipped with water, foam, motor ladder, rescuers and fire fighters,’ Spokesperson for the Bucharest Firefighting Emergency Inspectorate (ISU) Anca Onofrei told.

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