Gov’t sets damages to be paid for motorway building-related expropriations

The Government at a meeting on Wednesday approved the start of the procedures for the expropriation of the private buildings located on the future works on the motorways linking Bucharest to Constanta, the 6th stretch Cernavoda – Constanta, the Nadlac-Arad Motorway and the ring road of the Black Sea port of Constanta.

According to the Government’s spokesperson Ioana Muntean, the funds earmarked for the payment of the damages for such projects total roughly 187 million lei (over 44 million euros). With respect to the Bucharest-Constanta Motorway’s 6th stretch Cernavoda – Constanta, the Government decided to allot 87 million lei (some 20.5 million euros) for the payment of damages to the current owners.
The amount earmarked for the motorway linking the western checkpoint of Nadlac to the western Arad city totals 63 million lei (nearly 15 million euros). The funds assigned to damage payment come from the budget of the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry, Muntean said.

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