Govt to invest 17 bln euros in anti-flood measures

The Government plans to invest 17 billion euros, including from foreign loans, by the year 2035, in anti-flood protection measures, according to a strategy in the field adopted on Wednesday by the Executive, announced Minister of Environment Borbely Laszlo.

According to the official, about 28 percent of the amount will be secured from loans on the foreign markets, 35 percent from the state budget, 15 percent from European funds and 22 percent from other funds, mainly the Environment Fund. The money is to be allocated through the Ministry of Environment (some 12.5 billion euros) and the remainder is to be managed by some other structures, among which the Ministry of Administration and Interior or the Ministry of Transport.
Through the National Strategy of Flood Risks Management, worked out starting with 2007, the Government plans to reduce by 62 percent the number of population exposed to the flood risks and by 61 percent the surface exposed to such natural disasters.

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