IGSU intervention detachment ends mission in Republic of Moldova and returns home

The intervention detachment of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situation (IGSU) on Friday will end its mission in the Republic of Moldova and it will return home.

According to a press release, the detachment operated over July 9 – August 6 to limit and remove the negative effects of floods on river Prut, in the Nemteni, Cotul Morii, Obileni and Sarateni localities in the Hancesti district, Republic of Moldova.
The detachment executed 522 intervention missions, an average of 18 missions per day, among which 55 were rescue and evacuation mission (in which no less than 334 people were rescued or evacuated), 162 missions recovered or evacuated the animals and goods of the population and also raised the dam by 1,100 metres etc.

Moreover, 244 missions were for draining the water from households and other premises, three for removing the water from the roads so that traffic to be resumed; 35 were missions to transport the people and the aids to the working points, by trucks and boats, so as to support the Police Department for Civil Protection and Exceptional Situation in the Cotul Morii locality, while eight missions were specialized in technical assistance and preliminary damage assessment.

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