Illegal buildings in tourist resorts to be demolished

The buildings intended for tourism and the buildings that are up to 200 metres away from the coastline in tourist resorts and in the places on the Black Sea shore (south-eastern Romania), which were made without a building permit, will be demolished, according to the emergency ordinance on some measures for strengthening discipline in constructions that was approved by the Government on Wednesday.

According to the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, the regulatory document refers to the buildings made without a building permit or by exceeding the building permit limit, located on public or private property, completed or under construction. The legislative amendments were made in order to ensure the legal framework necessary to stop illegal construction, which severely affected the areas with tourist potential, tourist resorts, national reserves, protected built-up areas and historical monuments protection areas.

As many as 15 buildings on the seashore have been demolished and 24 kiosks are pending to be demolished because no permits were issued for their construction, a thing that was found after the command for emergency actions carried out checks on the seashore, Minister of Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea recently announced.

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