IMF to pay next assessment mission to Romania on April 27-29

The next assessment mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will visit Romania on April 27-29 and it will examine whether the country meets the agreement parameters and respects the requirements, Public Finances Minister Sebastian Vladescu said on Wednesday.

Vladescu made the remarks as he met IMF chief of mission Jeffrey Franks, with whom he discussed about the future assessment mission, the laws Romania should promote, the meetings in Washington during the annual session of the IMF and the World Bank and about the fight against tax evasion. ‘We discussed no concrete figures.

We are waiting for the March figures, we are waiting on April 25 for the figures related to the arrears and other statistical figures’, Vladescu said. The minister announced the talks with Franks also focused on the required adjustments and on the two manners of the budget deficit calculation (cash and ESA respectively), so that there may be no problems related to the correctness of the figures communicated by Romania.

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