Mass media, a reliable source of information on corruption

Mass media rank on top by the reliability of information on corruption, and is perceived as such by 73.54 pct of the citizens, shows a survey conducted by the National Public Servants Agency (ANFP) titled „Citizens’ perception of corruption in public institutions: causes, practices, prevention.”

The results of the study highlighted a rather low frequency whereby the citizens turn to various institutions and public authorities to have their problems settled, specifically 50.3 pct seek Town Hall services once a year or never. As for awareness of corruption cases, 36.9 pct of the respondents said they learned about corruption cases from personal experience or local media.
According to the study, corruption deeds such as offering and accepting bribery, which are most frequently covered by mass media, were most easily identified: 93.6 pct and 88.3 pct of the citizens, respectively, said they consider them corruption offences.

The study was conducted over April 28 – May 25, 2010, by an interview-based investigation; the information was collected via 1,200 questionnaires administered in the five counties involved in the project – Cluj, Dolj, Harghita Ilfov and Neamt – and Bucharest Sector 6. The study is part of the project ‘Corruption concerns us all” aimed at measuring the citizens’ perception of the plague of corruption in Romania.

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